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Continuous Thoracic Paravertebral Block


Overview  Indications: Breast surgery, pain management after thoracic surgery or rib fractures  Landmarks:                      Spinal process at the desired thoracic dermatomal levels                      Needle insertion: 2.5 cm lateral to midline  Target goal: needle insertion 1 cm past the transverse process  Local anesthetic:…

Duke Anesthesia Fellows Visit CREER in New Fellowship Exchange Program

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On May 12, 2016 the three Duke Regional and Ambulatory Anesthesia fellows, Evan Sutton, Irfan Samee, and Siddharth Sata visited Belgium for a week long observership as part of the newly established fellowship exchange program with NYSORA – CREER in Genk, Belgium. They visited three different sites during the trip including the ZOL hospital where Dr. Admir Hadzic leads the NYSORA – CREER fellowship, the KU-Leuven University hospital in Leuven, and an off-site orthopedic surgery center that is part of KU-Leuven.

Statistics in Small Doses 15 Part A – What are some Statistical Hot Spots?

Statistics in Small Doses

Many commercial software programs can handle all but the most esoteric statistical tests with simple clicks on a computer keyboard. There are even YouTube videos that show which buttons to click and when. Unfortunately, there is little emphasis on the reasoning that must be applied when choosing among the array of procedures that might be appropriate to address a study’s specific research objectives, and there is almost no mention of the importance of quality data collection and management. This month’s Statistics in small doses draws on actual examples from a recent review of study protocols and papers, and serves as a recap of previous “doses.”

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